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Triple-A Game-Fi Metaverse battle royale with BTC prize pools
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Blockchain Gaming

Triple-A Game-Fi Metaverse battle royale with BTC prize pools
Lite Paper

About Farcana

A nuclear bomb was dropped on the Mars planet, and after its explosion the terraformation began as a result of which Mars began to become habitable. The planet is developing rapidly, and nuclear power plants have already emerged on it. With the help of petrothermal energy, one of these stations transfers part of the power to bitcoin mining. Players land on the base of the nuclear plant and their goal is to stay in the zone, destroy the enemies and win real bitcoin!


To become the largest decentralized gaming metaverse with millions of players who will also take part in the development of the virtual world.

our aim

Have you ever dreamt of a fantastic virtual sandbox world where citizens can explore the vastness and join various tournaments with bitcoin prizes? We are going to bring it to life.
To change the benchmark of P2E games and provide everyone with the opportunity to play and earn bitcoins.


We have world-class athletes with us

Farcana ambassadors are worldwide UFC champions. Players can buy and use NFT with the ambassadors skins.

Play To hash

There are daily, monthly and yearly tournaments where players show their qualities and earn dozens of Bitcoins. BTCs placed in Tournament Prize Fund are mined on a real mining platform.

NFT Marketplace

We have assembled several TOP athletes. #1 NFT Athlete Avatars Collection with special qualities will be available on the NFT marketplace. The metaverse has a player-owned economy where players can own, buy, sell, and trade NFT resources they earn in the game through gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

Farcana tokenomics

Private Sale
Public Sale
Team & Develop
Strategic Partners
Liquidity Pool
Community Activities

Farcana tokenomics

50 000 000
15 000 000
Private Sale
45 000 000
Public Sale
12 000 000
18 000 000
Team & Develop
80 000 000
Liquidity Pool
180 000 000
35 000 000
Strategic Partners
32 500 000
Community Activities
80 000 000


Q1 2022
  • Game Tokenomics
  • Pre-Sale
  • Basic Marketing
  • UFC Athletes Ambassadors Announcement
  • AAA Game: alpha 1.0 version release
  • Science: Development of scientific models
Q2 2022
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Game: Alpha 2.0 version release
  • Science: Uploading first Mars' polygon
  • 1st playable NFT collection sale
  • Engine and system development
  • Security audit of the main smart contract
Q3 2022
  • RPG shooter alpha 3.0 version launch
  • Regularly Tournaments
  • 2nd playable NFT collection sale
  • In-game Marketplace
  • Science Mars Center developing
  • Farcana Brain alpha version launch
  • Great Marketing Campaign
Q4 2022
  • RPG shooter beta 1.0 version launch
  • Metaverse Edition alpha 1.0 version launch
  • 3rd playable NFT collection sale
  • Online Science Mars Center alpha version launch
  • Farcana Brain beta version launch
Q1 2023
  • iOS and Android alpha 1.0 version launch
  • Metaverse Edition alpha 2.0 version launch
  • RPG shooter beta 2.0 version launch
  • Social features in gameplay
  • Online Science Mars Center beta version launch
  • Farcana Brain main release for real-life emotions
Q2 2023
  • iOS and Android alpha 2.0 version launch
  • Metaverse Edition alpha 3.0 version launch
  • RPG shooter beta 3.0 version launch
  • Online Science Mars Center main version launch
  • Engine and system development
Q3 2023
  • iOS and Android beta 1.0 version launch
  • Metaverse Edition beta 1.0 version launch
  • RPG shooter main version launch
  • Decentralized governance system
  • Additional in-game items
Q1 2024
  • RPG shooter main version launch
  • iOS and Android main version launch
  • Metaverse Edition main version launch
  • DigitalTwin marketplace
  • Introduction of planes and space battleships for online gaming
Q2 2024
  • Launch of Farcana satellite to mine FARSpace coins
  • Introduction of virtual airspace training center for kids
Q3 2024
  • Launch of 3 additional Farcana satellites
  • Metaverse and game development
  • Partnerships

Meet our Team

Founder & CEO
Ilman Shazhaev
MSc Mechatronics,
PhD in Management of Science and Engineering

Ilman is an international serial tech and cryptopreneur and investor with a background in science and engineering.

10 years of experience in R&D in deeptech industry as founder and co-founder of deeptech & IT startups, author of 15 patents and more than 30 scientific publications.
Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Dmitry Mikhailov
PhD, associate professor, MBA
Member of Russian Academy of science. Professor of 3 world leading Universities in USA, China, Russia.
10+ years of experience in R&D in deeptech industry as co-founder of deeptech start-ups.
Russian Science Federal award. Author of 8 books, 30 patents and more than 200 publications.
Laureate of the state award of the Russian Federation for "Promotion of space activities".
Сhief Financial Officer
Timur Gubaydulin
Education - mathematician, cybernetics, MBA in HSE, EMBA in Skolkovo. Professional financier, 14+ years experience in financial and credit sector. Entrepreneur in fintech.
Chief Operating Officer
Nikita Varlygina
Since 2017 she has adopted people with crypto and has been involved in developing blockchain and financial products. 5 years of experience in business development of Fintech, Blockchain and NFT projects
Chief Business Development Officer
Islam Shazhaev
With strong engineering background Islam applied his knowledge in tech and Co-founded startups engaging with AI, Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Islam had strong experience
in EPC contracting and full management of data centers as co-founder of crypto assets management company “OneBoost
Lead Blockchain Architect
Adam Zaitov
Adam is Solidity developer with more than
17 years of experience in the IT industry
and 5 years of experience in the development of high-load blockchain infrastructures
for crypto exchanges, market making and multi-chain payments
Lead Blockchain Architect
Arbi Tularov
Arbi is a MSc of computer science and skilled team lead. He knows 4 languages that helps him to successfully manage big international teams. There are number of IT and crypto tech projects in his background
Investment Lead
Katrina Mayer
Swiss entrepreneur, 7 years of experience in project management in Switzerland and EU
Business manager
Kristina Gusarova
An expert in team work supervising in the blockchain sphere.
PR Advisor
Mary Pedler
Mary has eight years of experience in managing public relations. She first entered the crypto industry in 2017, and now she is Founder & CEO of Cryptocolumnist. More than 20 crypto projects grew and developed with Mary’s help; working with Western markets is her strongest suit.
Marketing Advisor
Liza Filatova
With 5+ years of experience working in cryptocurrency and high-tech niches, Liza is keen on creating advertising and promotions strategies. In 2021, she organized a media platform Blockster by gathering a team of journalists, creating a content strategy, and guiding managers.
UE Team Lead / UE Generalist
Anton Mikhet
Several years of experience in games development from the scratch in Uncharted and Tomb Rider style. Skilled Unreal Engine developer and motion designer and talented cinematic director.
Art Lead
Alexey Bondarchuk
Modern designer with experience in UX/UI across multiple industries including Fintech, Blockchain, E-commerce, Infrastructure, and Digital Marketing
CSO of Newton Partners Ltd
Hosni Emam
  • Advisor & Representative for Asia mena market for New Space Capital Fund.
  • Principal consultant - union pay company limited.
  • Founder WeChat Pay in Russia.
  • Global strategic planner for china construction & chian railway
  • Global strategic planner for russian social app Dialogue
  • Founder and managing partner - global payment gateway limited
  • Specialties in smart cross-border payment
  • CEO eco-ideas -specialist environmental management company
  • Law degree from Cairo University, Egypt
  • Fluent in Arabic & English
Founder of SalAd Lab
David Lolaev
Two higher education of economic sciences, diploma with honors.

The expert on the state purchases since 2016.

He worked in various fields: started with HoReCa; launched projects in the banking sector; opened the center of authorisation and was actively engaged in the public procurement market.

In 2016, he became actively interested in the development of the crypto-currency market, was engaged in the study of blockchain technology and actively participated in the development of the ICO market at the dawn of its appearance in the Russian Federation.

In 2017, together with partners, he started ICO marketing business, and became the leader in consulting for the launch of ICO projects and combines a large list of services that are in demand for the market, from the stage of origin of the idea of holding an ICO, to listing and maintaining project after the end of the ICO for more than 400 projects.

In 2019 open new company SalAd lab was focused on digital marketing,sales and business development in crypto with gis own hi-end solutions.
Christine Kesserwan
With 14+ years of professional experience, Christine Kesserwan is an investment manager with excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills that have yielded a proven track record of meeting profit targets that comply with company business plans.


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